Refugee Appeal Division: Practice Notice on the temporary waiving of rules for submitting documents during the COVID-19 pandemic

​​This practice notice is addressed to counsel, unrepresented appellants, designated representatives, and Minister's counsel.

The intent of this practice notice is to communicate that the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) is continuing with its temporary suspension of certain RAD rules regarding the requirement for signatures on documents and RAD forms submitted in support of an appeal, first communicated in June 2020.

Given the continued presence of COVID-19, the RAD will continue to encourage electronic communication with the division and promote physical distancing by removing the requirement in the rules for signatures on documents and RAD forms submitted in support of an appeal. For example, the RAD will not require an​ appellant's records to be signed nor will it require a signed affidavit or statutory declaration to accompany an application under Rule 37.

Submitting electronic documents – My Case

Counsel and immigration consultants who have not already registered to use My Case, the IRB's secure, online application which allows you to view your current case status or other case information on your active case(s), are encouraged to register to exchange documents electronically with the RAD.

Submitting electronic documents – Connect

Users unable to register with My Case, can register to exchange documents electronically using Canada Post's Connect. Please consult the Practice Notice on using Connect for more information.

Submitting electronic documents – email/fax

Users unable to register with My ​Case or Connect can submit documents via email at one of the following addresses or fax numbers:

Western Region:
Fax number: 604-666-9870

Central Region:
Fax number: 416-954-1511

Eastern Region:
Fax number: 514-283-0164

If you use email or fax, we strongly encourage you to also register for Connect. The RAD cannot send protected information by email. Also, while email limits the size of submissions to 10 MB, Connect can accept up to 1GB of information. In addition, Connect offers the potential for the RAD to use it to send protected information to registered users unable to use My Case at this time, for example, designated representatives and unrepresented appellants.

Information for unrepresented appellants

You may submit documents by mail if you cannot register with ​Connect or use email or fax.

IRB offices open to receive in-person drop off of documents

As of of November 18, 2022​, reception desks at IRB offices will accept in-person drop off of paper documents. 

Submitting documents to the Minister

This Practice Notice does not change the method of serving documents on the Minister where required by RAD rules.

Signed on September 12, 2022

Signed by

Paula Thompson
Deputy Chairperson, RAD