IRB’s response to the audit on long-term detention reviews

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of administrative justice. This is why, in September 2017, the former Chairperson of the IRB commissioned an audit of long-term detention reviews. The aim was to identify areas for improvement in the detention review process where persons are detained for long periods of time under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The audit examined a sample of randomly selected files across our three regions in order to obtain detailed information regarding the level of depth and rigour in which detention reviews are conducted.

It is now time to begin the process of implementing change.

We wish to take this opportunity to share a copy of the audit report (the Report), which recommends substantive changes to the way the Immigration Division (ID) manages, conducts and decides detention reviews.

The IRB agrees with the Report's recommendations and has issued a Management Response and Action Plan (MRAP) to outline the IRB's way forward with respect to each recommendation. As was the Board's intention when commissioning the audit, the ID will use the recommendations as an opportunity to make positive changes and improvements to its processes.

Key components of the action plan that will assist the IRB in addressing several of the Report's recommendations include revising the ID's detention review procedures and member training as well as updating the Chairperson's Guideline on Detention.

We encourage you to read the IRB's MRAP and we are hopeful that our planned activities in response to the recommendations will improve all detention review hearings at the ID.

Paul Aterman
Acting Chairperson
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Roula Eatrides
Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Division
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada